Initially began as a side, solo project, Tame Impala and the project’s creative mastermind Kevin Parker received both national attention in his native Australia and internationally after the release of his first two Tame Impala efforts – Innerspeaker and Lonerism.

Parker’s forthcoming third album, Currents was sketched out in planes, cars and hotels and various homes after the completion of Lonerism and from the release of the album’s first two singles “’Cause I’m a Man” and “Let It Happen,” Currents reflects a similar approach – the material incorporates an expanded sonic palette and manages to be much more emotionally direct. Whereas “’Cause I’m a Man” is a slow-burning, sensual R&B-inspired track that expresses a complex array of urgent, carnal desire, masculine vulnerability and regret with an unvarnished, unadulterated frankness. “Let It Happen” however, is a breezy synth and guitar-based synth pop that sounds as though it owes a debt to MGMT and In Ghost Colours-era Cut Copy but with an arena rock level of bombast – while remaining somewhat intimate and trippy. 

You’ll be hearing quite a bit about Parker, as he and his live touring band will be embarking on a lengthy North American tour that includes several sold out dates including an upcoming Coachella Festival set; a stop at the renamed Levitation Festival in Austin on May 8; a Governor’s Ball stop on June 5; a Lollapalooza set on July 31; and several more at a music venue near you. But in the mean time, Parker and his backing band were on Conan performing  a radio edit-like version of “Let It Happen” live.