Initially began as something of a punk supergroup featuring Lauren Denitzio of The Measure [sa], Mike Catalano of Hunchback, and Justin Sullivan of The Babies, Worriers has become Denizio’s primary project. Naturally, throughout the years there has been lineup changes with the band currently featuring Denitizio, Rachel Rubino (Bridge and Tunnel) and John McLean (Dead Dog, Todd Killingz) on lead guitars, Audrey Zee Whitesides (Mal Blum) on bass, Mike Yannich (The Ergs) on drums, and Lou Hanman (Caves) on backing vocals. 

Interestingly, throughout Denitizio’s career, her work has focused on the both the personal and political – based around the feminist mantra “the personal is political.” As a result, her work has used personal experience to get at larger, universal issues, and reportedly, Worriers long-awaited full-length debut, They/Them/Theirs may arguably be Denitizo and company’s most politically charged effort to date. 

“They/Them/Theirs” is the first single and album title track off the soon-to-be released album and it consists of buzzing guitars, thundering drums, punchily sung lyrics and a rousingly anthemic, “go out there, and do something!” feel. Throughout the song, Denitzio talks about resisting society’s need for easy categorization – that ultimately it’s pointless, reductive and simplistic. If that doesn’t make you want to go out and change the world, nothing else will.