Japanther’s Ian Vanek has long maintained a side-project with a rotating cast of musician friends by the name of Howardian. Although Vanek has been actively creating music in Howardian for some time, tomorrow marks the release of his debut, Land Of The Low Tides, and the album’s first single “Be Fruitful” manages to bear an uncanny similarity to Japanther — the track is decidedly lo-fi to the point that you can almost hear the crackle of vinyl against needle, and it sounds lovingly worn. But more importantly, the track is comprised of the sort of buzzing power chord rock you’d expect form Japanther, The Melvins and others. Somehow, it reminds me of the bars I’ve spent way too much time and money drinking — The Library, Clem’s, Lit, Sophie’s and others,

The official video for “Be Fruitful” includes blurry animated sequences featuring Simpsons figures spliced with equally blurry footage of Vanek singing the song, what appears to be an artist paining and footage of farms. It’s trippy video that fits with the buzzing guitars.