Jeffery Drag Records has put together a collection of their best singles, exclusive B sides, forthcoming releases and overall best of 2012 for their Winter mixtape. I’ve played this several times and it’s a raucous, rowdy collection of tunes that should get you all hot and bothered. Bad Cop’s “Mama Said,” is a great bit of scuzzy, garage rock. Useless Eaters’ “Addicted to the Blade” borrows heavily from 60s surf rock and may be kind of reminiscent of the Castaways. Ghost Dance’s “Nasty Nuevo” reminds me of hardcore punk shows – loud, unfettered, blissful noise and rage. Talk Box Rodeo’s “Cool” will be reminiscent of 1990s grunge rock – scuzzy sounding guitars, loud drums and coolly ironic vocals. Promised Land’s “F**k Cancer,” sounds a lot like classic Rolling Stones – you know, basic 12 bar blues rock. Western Medication’s “The Painted World” offers a towering, boisterous bit of noise that at times sounds a bit like Nirvana. Magic Milk’s “Coconut Dreams” is a bit of psychedelic, surf rock. There’s a demo of Pujol’s “Psychic Pain,” and even in the demo, there’s a drugged out, blissful vibe, which he seems to excel at. Majestico’s “Boom Boom” sounds as though it could have come out around the same time as Booker T or the Castaways. Natural Child’s “Bodyswitchers Part II,” ends the mixtape with a post apocalyptic dirge. 

This mixtape is a raucous, boisterous way to end the year, as well as a great way to introduce folks to the Nashville psych rock sound.