Kim Deal is among a group of some of the most beloved alternative/indie rock musicians of the past 30 years or so for her work with the Pixies and  the Breeders, as well as a solo artist. 

Recently Kim Deal has been releasing a series of 7" singles and the fourth and latest single of the series has Deal collaborating with fellow musician and friend Morgan Nagler. In fact, their collaboration on “The Root”/“Range on the Castle,” was pretty impromptu – Deal ran into Nagler in the driveway of a Los Angeles-based recording studio, after listening to a demo that Nagler had sent to her. Deal asked Nagler to come over and play with her. And with “The Root,” there’s a sense of an impromptu, free-flowing jam session that suddenly became a song.  During the sessions Deal played all the instruments while both Deal and Nagler alternated singing and writing duties. 

Interestingly, the song strikes at one of life’s bitter ironies – trying to be happy for someone when deep down, you’re fucking miserable because of it. That’s probably a familiar thing for many of us. 

The official video has a very simple concept – Kim Deal singing the song from the vantage point of a brake pedal camera and an iPhone in a parking lot. If anything it should remind people of Deal’s goofy, playful charm as she rocks out pretty hard.