Last August, the folks at Sub Pop Records released Washed Out’s much-anticipated sophomore effort Paracosm, an album that Ernest Greene, the primary creative force behind the project, has said explores the peculiar phenomenon of creating extremely detailed, imaginary worlds. With the release of each of the singles from the album, including the album’s earliest singles,  it was obvious that the Washed Out project had gone through a decided change of sonic direction, while retaining some of the elements that had won over the blogosphere and won over fans across the country.  Green still employs the use of synths and other electronics to create a swooning Romantic vibe but they’re pushed towards the back as live instrumentation is in the foreground – primarily through the use of guitars, keyboards, drums and percussion. And in many ways it makes the material feel warmer, more organic – and interestingly enough, much more psychedelic. 

Interestingly the latest single “Weightless” manages to cement Greene’s reputation for hauntingly sincere and ethereal synth pop with Greene’s breathily cooed lyrics; in fact, “Weightless” is a great title for a song that feels and sounds as though it could easily dissipate – all while having an eerie nostalgia at it’s core. It’s at times the sounds of the ghosts of our lives lingering for longer than anyone actually wants. 

The official video manages to mesh the reality, dreams and memories of one particular man in a way that feels like a fever dream and will have you wondering what’s real, and what’s imagined in a way that will have your head spinning.  Washed Out has developed a reputation for their gorgeously cinematic, long-form videos and this video further cements that reputation.