Le Podium #1La Femme’s debut EP landed landed on this site’s Honorary Mentions portion of the Best of 2011 List for their unique and breezily French take on surfer rock – after all, surfer rock is something that’s both decidedly summery and decidedly American. However, Psycho Tropical Berlin, reveals that the band’s sound has gone through a sonic left turn as their breezy sound has become a bit heftier as it incorporates elements of psychedelia, psychobilly and synth pop and the songs have become funkier and more propulsive. And in some way, as you’ll hear on “Welcome to America,” a track that appears on the recently released Deluxe Edition of Psycho Tropical Berlin, they manage to sound as though they had spent their time listening to the Clash‘s Sandinista and Combat Rock; in other words, the track sounds ridiculously funky and decidedly genre-busting thanks in part to pulsating motorik groove, bolstered by a tight bass line. 

The official video for the song is shot in a grainy VHS-styled video and shows the incredibly French-looking band doing prototypically American things – eating hotdogs, fried chicken cheese burgers, driving around in pickup trucks, walking around streets and more with a sense of glee, wonder and on a certain level, a winking irony. 

The band will be back to tour North America and it includes an October 16th stop at Le Poisson Rouge