Life has a remarkable way of throwing a variety of obstacles in front of you – some of those obstacles are the result larger forces and circumstances beyond our control; while others are the direct consequence of the lives we lead and the decisions we’ve made. No matter how they’re put in front of us, those obstacles often can leave a person second guessing what their path is or if they should quit; however, continuing onward in the face of adversity and uncertainty may be the most courageous and powerful thing anyone could ever do. In the case of the Philadelphia-based emcee Stoneface, he lost his eyesight after getting shot at point-blank range; but he’s continued onward with his music career. 

“Calico Audio,” the first single off Stoenface’s forthcoming full-length effort, The Stone Age features Stoneface and fellow Philadelphia-based emcee Freeway spitting gangsta shit over a menacing looped horn and boom-bap drum sample provided by the producer, BP. In some way, the track evokes the same desperate desire to survive that’s at the heart of Guilty Simpson and Small Professor’s exceptional Highway Robbery and of Kool G. Rap. it’s urgent and gritty hip-hop that you most likely won’t hear on your conglomerate hip-hop radio station. 

The official video, produced by Inferno Productions has the duo of Stoneface and Freeway carrying out the sort of crosstown caper that may remind some of the likes of New Jack City, American Gangster and The French Connection, spliced with footage of the emcees spitting fire, as they try to take over the streets – and in turn, hip-hop.