Little Daylight, is a Brooklyn-based indie pop trio, who derive their name from the 1871 George MacDonald fairy tale of the same name. Formed back in 2012, the trio originally began working on a number of remixes of work from bands such as The Neighbourhood, Passion Pit, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeroes, and others. And with the release of the band’s debut full-length, Hello Memory released this past summer, the band made waves across the blogosphere – it’s first two singles, “Overdose” and “My Life” climbed up the charts over at Hype Machine, and as a result they made their first national TV appearance on Late Night with Seth Myers

“My Life” is an anthemic and rousing indie pop song that’s charming and warmly familiar as it has a very contemporary sound. Interestingly, The Golden Pony remixed “My Life” turning the song into a percussive, synth-based, 80s-inspired dance song with a glitchy vocal sample. In some way, The Golden Pony remix adds a heighten sensuality to the song.