Live Concert Photography: Anemone with Champagne Superchillin and Hypoluxo at Baby’s All Right 2/13/19

Live Concert Photography: Anemone with Champagne Superchillin and Hypoluxo at Baby’s All Right 2/13/19

I’ve written about and photographed the Montreal-indie pop/dream pop act Anemone quite a bit over the past 12-18 months or so, and as you may recall the act which is led by Chloe Soldevilla (keys, vocals) and features Miles Dupire-Gagnon (drums), Gabriel Lambert (guitar), Samuel Gemme (bass) and Zachary Irving (guitar) has received attention for a specializing in a breezy and nostalgic-tinged take on dream pop.

Early last year, the members of Anemone released their attention-grabbing debut EP which was supported with a series of critically applauded SXSW shows, and some relentless touring across North America; in fact, I was first introduced to Anemone when they opened for HAERTS at Baby’s All Right. Building upon a growing profile, the Canadian dream pop act released their full-length debut Beat My Distance through Luminelle Records earlier this year — and album singles like the breezy and sunny “Sunshine (Back To The Start)”, the bittersweet and ethereal “She’s The One” and the psych pop meets 70s AM rock “Memory Lane” further established the band’s gorgeous and plaintive sound.

The Canadian dream pop act went on tour earlier this year to support their full-length debut and it included a headlining set with New York-based acts Champagne Superchillin and Hypoluxo at Baby’s All Right. Check out photos from the show below.

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Comprised of French-born, New York-based Juliet Buchs (vocals), Detroit-born, New York-based Ben Trimble (keys), best known for his work with Fly Golden Eagle and the French-Cuban Charles Garmendia (drums), best known for his work with Clear Plastic Masks, the up-and-coming New York-based synth pop act Champagne Superchillin can trace their origins to Nashville: Buchs married an American musician, and relocated to Nashville, where he was based at the time and met Trimble and Garmendia. The trio bonded over way-too-late nights, a love of literature, classic film. The band is inspired by the films of Fellini, Bergman and the iconoclasm of the French New Wave. Although sonically, the band’s sound is a breezy and wistful, two step-inducing take on dream pop-tinged garage rock centered by Buchs’ ethereal vocals, which are completely in French.

The members of the band relocated to New York, where they wrote and recorded their full-length debut 2017’s Destino. The trio has been busy playing shows around town while planning a European tour — and their anticipated sophomore album is slated for release later this year through Soft Junk Records.

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IMG_0208   I’ve written a bit about and photographed the Brooklyn-based indie rock quartet Hypoluxo over the past couple of years, and as you may recall, the act which is comprised of Samuel Jacob Cogen (vocals, guitar), Cameron Riordan (guitar), Eric Jaso (bass) and Marco Hector Ocampo (drums) have received attention for a sound and songwriting approach that draws from elements of shoegaze, indie rock and dream pop — while featuring rapidly changing time signatures and tempo. Interestingly, the band’s sophomore album Running on a Fence found the band expanding upon their sound  while retaining the infectious hooks and shimmering, anachronistic quality that has won them attention. Additionally, the material found the band growing more mature — with the material expressing regret, uncertainty and frustration simultaneously. IMG_0139

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