Live Concert Photography: Dead Waves with Ritual Humor, Prima and Parlor Walls at Shea Stadium 5/26/16

Live Concert Photography: Dead Waves with Ritual Humor, Prima and Parlor Walls at Shea Stadium 5/26/16

Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past couple of years, you may have come across a post or two on New York-based indie rock trio Dead Waves. Comprised of the Panopoulos Brothers — Teddy Panopoulos (vocals and bass) and Nick Panopoulos (guitar and backing vocals), along with Fabien Stet (drums), the members of the band spent more than a decade playing in several NYC area underground punk bands before forming their current project Dead Waves back in 2013. In a short period of time, the trio quickly built a reputation for being rather prolific as they released two EPs, Kill the Youth and Take Me Away, the “Oracles of the Grave”/”Promise” 7 inch single, the “Nature” 12 inch, which were released to critical praise for a sound that’s been compared favortably to the likes of MelvinsBleach and Inscesticide-era Nirvana, Pixies and others. However, the New York-based trio’s long-awaited recently released full-length effort Dead Inside reveals a band that’s gone through a bit of a change in sonic direction as, they’ve managed to employ the occasional use of synthesizer to craft an even more abrasive, towering squall.

Comprised of Celeste Carballo, Matthew Petronelli and James Stuart, New York-based trio Ritual Humor played one of the most impressive opening sets I’ve seen in quite some time — and their material consisted of tense, angular synth and guitar-based New Wave-leaning punk rock. Following them was Brooklyn-based trio Prima, who specialize in a sound that they’ve dubbed ballerina stomp — while managing to sound as though it were indebted to Songs About Food and Buildings-era Talking Heads. And they were followed by New York-based trio Parlor Walls. Comprised of Alyse Lamb, Chris Mulligan and Kate Mohanty, the trio specializes in an noisy, experimental acid/free jazz, punk rock sort of sound. All three bands were at Shea Stadium in Bushwick, Brooklyn along with Martin Bisi and PC Worship, two bands I had to miss because I had to be a responsible adult. (Hey, it happens to the best of us.)

Check out photos from the show below.

IMG-0020 IMG-0024

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(Photo Caption: Ritual Humor performing at Shea Stadium last week.)


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IMG-0138 IMG-0151

IMG-0152 IMG-0162

(Photo Caption: Prima performing at Shea Stadium last week.)

IMG-0167 (Photo Caption: Part of the video installation that served as a backdrop for the bands performing last week.) IMG-0172

IMG-0175 IMG-0178

IMG-0180 IMG-0193>

IMG-0207 IMG-0238

(Photo Caption: Parlor Walls performing at Shea Stadium last week.)

IMG-0250 IMG-0257

IMG-0259 IMG-0261

(Photo Caption: Dead Waves performing at Shea Stadium last week.)

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