Live Concert Photography: Independent Venue Week at Piano’s 7/12/18: Night Screams, Grim Streaker, and Dead Stars

Live Concert Photography: Independent Venue Week at Piano’s 7/12/18: Night Screams Grim Streaker and Dead Stars

Founded by Sybil Bell, Independent Venue Week is a celebration of the smaller, independent venue — while offering them a much, needed mouthpiece. As Bell told BTR Today, “These venues open their doors regardless of knowing if people are going to actually come, if it’s going to be busy or if the band is even going to have a good show…It’s a tough business to be in—it’s not an area of the industry that gets a lot of recognition, but it’s a very vital part of the whole ecosystem for artists.” This year marked the inaugural year of the Stateside edition of Independent Venue Week, produced by Marauder — and the New York edition, was a fairly indie rock-centered showcase at Piano’s featuring Night Screams, Grim Streaker and JOVM mainstays Dead Stars, along with a handful of other acts, who I sadly had to miss, as I had a dinner with some former coworkers near Times Square.  Check out photos from what I did catch, below.

Headlining the night was the Brooklyn-based quartet Night Screams. Comprised of Michael Killian Preiss (vocals, guitar), Ian Bentley (bass). Troi Benjamin (drums) and Jon Mann (guitar), the members of the Brooklyn-based band specialize in a cretinous, caveman stomping,  noisy punk rock meant to headbang — and headbang hard.

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Now, if you’ve been frequenting this site over the past few years, you may have come across a post or two on the Brooklyn-based punk rock outfit Grim Streaker, as the band, which is comprised of Amelia Bushell (vocals), Daniel Peskin (guitar), Micah Weisberg (guitar), Bill Dvorak (bass) and Piyal Basu (drums) have made a name for themselves for a sound that possesses elements of New Wave, noise rock, goth, skater punk and punk rock.

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Much like Grim Streaker, I’ve written quite a bit about the Brooklyn-based indie rock trio Dead Stars. And as you may recall with the release of 2014’s full-length debut, Slumber and 2016’s sophomore effort Bright Colors, the band, which is comprised of cousins Jeff Moore (guitar, vocals) and Jaye Moore (drums) and their longtime friend John Watterburg (bass) quickly rose to both local and national attention for a classic, 90s grunge rock sound that brings Dinosaur, Jr. and others immediately to mind. Last year’s Perfect Patterns continued in a similar vein, further cementing their reputation for crafting hook-laden, power chord-based rock. Although short, their Piano’s set was a decent representation of their growing catalog as it featured a handful of songs from each of their released albums, and a new song or two.

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