Live Concert Photography: Nots with Honey and Brandy at Union Pool 9/12/17

Live Concert Photography: Nots with Honey and Brandy at Union Pool 9/12/17

Currently comprised of founding member Natalie Hoffman, along with Charlotte Watson (drums), Madison Farmer (bass) and Alexandra Eastburn (synths), the Memphis, TN-based punk rock quartet  Nots quickly rose to national prominence with the release of their 2014 full-length debut We Are Nots, an effort that was heavily indebted to 60s garage rock, punk, thrash punk, no wave and new wave. Since the release of their full-length debut, the Memphis-based punk band have been pretty busy as they’ve released a handful of singles that revealed an expansion of the sound that first caught the attention of the blogosphere, while lyrically focusing on deeper, sociopolitical concerns with the band’s sophomore effort Cosmetic thematically focuses on the rough and complicated edges of desire, deceit and distortions — and how they impact both appearances and your sense of reality. The renowned Memphis, TN-based punk rock quartet headlined an incredible night of punk rock at Union Pool that featured the Brooklyn-based punk trios Honey and Brandy. Check out photos from the show below.

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Comprised of founding members Cory Feirman (bass, vocals) and Dan Wise (guitar, vocals) with Will Schmeichen (drums) the Brooklyn-based punk rock trio Honey can trace their origins to when its founding duo met at Academy Records — at the time Feirman worked as a buyer, while Wise was a regular customer. As the story goes, Wise stopped by Academy Records and mentioned that he was looking for The Gun Club‘s Death Party EP, which happened to be the next record in the stack of recent arrivals that Feirman was pricing. The coincidence ultimately led them to realize that they had had more in common than a love of punk rock and punk rock records, and they began playing together not long after that. Interestingly, at the time Wise was a member of JOVM mainstays Psychic Ills and shared an occasional bill with Schmeichen, who was a member of Amen Dunes. Wise and Freirman recruited Schmeichen, who was interested in joining a more straightforward rock-leaning project. And since their formation, the Brooklyn-based trio has opened for the likes of Dead Moon, J. Mascis, Sheer Mag, The Men, Destruction Unit and others, quickly developing a reputation for being among the NYC area’s rawest punk band.
The act’s highly-anticipated sophomore effort New Moody Judy was released earlier this year, and from the album’s first single “Dream Come Now,” the band further cements their reputation for crafting the sort of blistering power chord chug reminiscent of
of JOVM mainstays Ex-Cult, NOTS, and the OBN IIIs complete with a primal, feral insistence.

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Opening the night was the New York-based trio Brandy, a band that specializes in a distorted, power chord-based, mosh pit friendly punk rock.

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