Live Concert Photography: Pom Pom Squad with PONY Groupie and Noir Party 9/15/19

Live Concert Photography: Pom Pom Squad with PONY Groupie and Noir Party 9/15/19

I’ve been adhering to social distancing guidelines and self-quarantining as much as possible over the past 70+ days for the most part: generally speaking, I’ve gone out for the occasional walk to get fresh air and exercise, to make runs to the store and other errands for the house and for my mom’s various medical appointments. And as you can imagine, although it’s been lonely and monotonous, I’ve managed to spend quite a bit of time throwing myself into my work. What else is there to do, really?

Unsurprisingly, over the course of this site’s ten year history, I’ve managed to compile and develop a deep archive of unedited photos. (Much of my work with JOVM has coincided with working full-time, corporate jobs in book publishing. And frankly, sometimes there just wasn’t enough time in my day to commute back and forth to work, go to shows, write or do anything else.)

Sadly, much of this work going through photos has managed to be an uncomfortable reminder of the some of the things I’ve loved so much that I’ve once had — and won’t get back for the foreseeable future, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last September, I caught the rising, New York-based Riot Grrl punk-influenced act Pom Pom Squad headline a full night of music at Baby’s All Right that featured PONY, Groupie and Noir Party. Check out photos from the show below.

Pom Pom Squad

IMG_0640 IMG_0545

IMG_0576 IMG_0564

IMG_0522    IMG_0591

IMG_0523 IMG_0602


IMG_0348 IMG_0353

IMG_0358 IMG_0373

IMG_0396 IMG_0416

IMG_0418 Groupie IMG_0276

IMG_0144 IMG_0151

IMG_0234 IMG_0152

IMG_0171 IMG_0206

IMG_0252         Noir Party IMG_0020

IMG_0015 IMG_0031

IMG_0044 IMG_0067

IMG_0077 IMG_0082


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