Live Concert Photography: Screaming Females with Futurepunx and Snakeskin at Brooklyn Bazaar 4/27/17

Live Concert Photography: Screaming Females with Futurepunx and Snakeskin at Brooklyn Bazaar 4/27/17

Comprised of Marissa Paternoster (guitar, vocals), King Mike (bass) and Jared Dougherty (drums), the New Brunswick, NJ-based rock trio Screaming Females can trace their origins back to a band that Paternoster and King Mike formed while in high school. After a series of lineup changes the band settled on a trio with Dougherty and then changed their name to Screaming Females. Now, if you had been frequenting this site over about an 13-14 month period between 2014 and 2015, you’d likely have come across a handful of posts on the band, and you may recall that the band got their start in their hometown’s all-ages basement show scene — and since then with the release of 2012’s Steve Albini-engineered Ugly, 2014’s forceful, Live at the Hideout and 2015’s Matt Bayles-produced Rose Mountain, the Central New Jersey-based band received wider exposure from NPRLast Call with Carson Daly and MTV, along with touring with internationally and nationally known acts like Garbage, Throwing Muses, Dinosaur, Jr., The Dead Weather, Arctic Monkeys, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, JEFF the Brotherhood, Little Lungs, Cheeky, The Ergs, Shellsshag and others.

2015’s Rose Mountain, the trio’s most recent album reflects a decided change in songwriting and recording approach as it found the band writing and playing material that was arguably some of the most concise, melodic and accessible/radio-friendly material they’ve released — while retaining the blazing guitar work and insistences of their previously recorded work. Sadly, it’s been a little of time since I’ve heard from the band; but they headlined a night of Tri-State area punk rock featuring Future Punx and Snakeskin at Brooklyn Bazaar last week. Check out some photos from the show below. 

IMG-0194 IMG-0198




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Caption: Screaming Females performing at Brooklyn Bazaar last week. 

Currently comprised of Nick Martin, Jake Pepper, Chris Pickering and Heather Strange, the Brooklyn-based quartet Future Punx specialize in a post-punk sound that’s heavily indebted to 80s New Wave — in particular, DEVO and Talking Heads.

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Caption: Future Punx perfuming at Brooklyn Bazaar last week.

Although they’re currently cloaked in a fair amount of mystery, the New York-based punk act Snakeskin are a personal favorite of Marissa Paternoster, an they opened the night with some garage punk.

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Caption: Snakeskin performing at Brooklyn Bazaar last week.

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