Live Concert Photography: Secret Shame and Thin Pigeon at The Broadway 9/13/19

Live Concert Photography: Secret Shame and Thin Pigeon at The Broadway 9/13/19

Formed back in 2016, the Asheville, NC-based goth/post-punk act Secret Shame — Lena (vocals), Nathan (drums), Nikki (guitar), Matthew (bass) and Billie (guitar) — can trace their origins to all of its members feeling a desperate need to create. “If I couldn’t sing or play music, I would tear my skin off.” the band’s front person Lena explains in press notes. Shortly after their formation, the band released their self-titled debut EP, which found the band quickly establishing a dark and atmospheric sound paired with lyrics that thematically touch upon issues of domestic abuse, mental health, political and social dissatisfaction and frustration. 

The Asheville-based act’s full-length debut Dark Synthetics was released earlier this month and as you may recall from the Siouxsie and the Banshees and 4AD Records-like “Calm” and the Crocodiles and Heaven Up Here-era Echo and the Bunnymen-like “Gift,” the quartet firmly established an early 80s post-punk sound paired with earnest songwriting, indebted to lived-in, personal experience.

“There’s not a single word I didn’t write from the pit of my stomach,” Secret Shame’s Lena says in press note. “The entire record- even though the song dynamics change- has one solid emotion, which is the struggle of inner turmoil and being trapped inside yourself. It’s the feeling of holding a scream in the back of your throat.” She adds, “Some people avoid writing music that puts them in a vulnerable place, but that’s the place I’m trying to get into, That’s where you’re your most raw and hopefully people will be able to experience it through you. There’s nothing else like it.”

Secret Shame recently completed a brief East Coast tour that included a (quite fitting) September 13, 2019 stop at The Broadway with Richmond, VA-based post-punk act Thin Pigeon. Check out photos from the show below.

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IMG_0241   Opening the night was the Richmond, VA-based post-punk trio Thin Pigeon. Featuring Max, Quinn and Brennan, the members of the Richmond-based post-punk trio are a trans and queer-centered act, whose sound draws from early 80s goth and post-punk. IMG_0038

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