Live Footage: Marcus King Performs “Wildflowers & Wine” on “The Tonight Show”

Marcus King is an acclaimed Grammy Award-nominated, Greenville, SC-born, Nashville-based singer/songwriter, guitarist and JOVM mainstay. King is a fourth generation musician, who followed the family tradition. Playing professionally when he turned 11, King was discovered after a video of him performing at Norman’s Rare Guitars went viral. Now, in his 20s, King has been performing for the past 15 years, establishing himself as a world class guitarist, singer/songwriter and vocalist.

King’s Dan Auerbach-produced full-length debut El Dorado was released earlier this year, and the album, which was co-written with Auerbach over three days at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Sound Studio is a contemporary sonic exploration of classic rock, blues, southern R&B and country soul.

“Marcus is known by so many as a phenom guitar player, and rightfully so,” Dan Auerbach says of Marcus King. “He’s regularly the best player in the room, hands down. I was equally blown away by the way he can sing — so effortless, so soulful, straight to the heart. He’s a naturally gifted writer too, which was clear right away. Everything for him is so innate — that’s why he can always go right to the heart of a song and connect in a deeper way. He’s really one of a king and I’m proud I got to work alongside him on this record.”

Recently King performed one of my favorite El Dorado tracks on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon “Wildflowers and Wine,” a slow-burning and soulful song that’s one-part classic, Muscle Shoals soul, one-part Southern fried rock, one-part R&B and one-part Delta blues centered around King’s effortlessly soulful vocals. Simply put, this white boy can sang, y’all.