Live Footage: Montreal’s zouz Performs “Monotone” at Ausgang Plaza

Montreal-based indie outfit zouz formed back in 2016 and quickly made a name for themselves in the local scene with the release of 2017’s EP 1 and 2018’s EP 2. Since the release of EP 1 and EP 2, the rising Montreal-based outfit have gone through a massive change in creative and sonic direction: Their full-length debut, last year’s Vertiges saw the band crafting much more complex arrangements with elements of math rock and post-punk while thematically, the album’s material touches upon anguish, sadness, love gained and lost, and so on.

Album single “Monotone” is an anthemic bruiser centered around grungy and distorted power chords, thunderous drumming for the song’s verses and chorus, math rock guitar pyrotechnics for the song’s hook paired with punchily delivered vocals singing lyrics that in French describe existential malaise and dysfunctional love as being one in the same. (They frequently feel as though they are when you’re in the throes of both or either one!)

The accompanying, intimately shot live footage was shot at Ausgang Plaza, where the band played Vertiges live last October. The live footage captures the band’s live energy while capturing what may arguably be one of Montreal’s most exciting, up-and-coming bands.