Lyric Video: Jess McAvoy’s Coquettish 50s Rock Inspired Ode to Enjoying the Moment with Others

Jess McAvoy is a Melbourne, Australia-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and guitarist, who over the course of the past 25 years has written, recorded and self-produced 13 albums within a wide variety of styles and genres, including singer/songwriter folk, pop and rock. But if one thing has been consistent throughout McAvoy’s career is that her work is centered by a disarming honesty, deep self-awareness and openheartedness. Interestingly, McAvoy’s latest single “Do What You Want” finds the Melbourne-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter drawing the blues and classic rock — and while in some way, the song reminds me a bit of Terra Lightfoot, the song is coquettish yet heartfelt.

Unsurprisingly, the song is influenced by McAvoy’s own personal experience as it was written when she was seeing someone and even though she felt that her heart wasn’t quite open to a romantic commitment, both she and her partner were open to having a good time together. Sometimes, you have to enjoy the love that enters your life for as long as you can hold on it because everything in this world is fleeting.