Multi-instrumentalist and producer Derrick Boyd and partner/vocalist Zoe Presnick comprise the San Francisco, CA-based techno act, Tone of Arc. Boyd has been around the global and domestic electronic dance music scene but after hooking up with Canadian electronic dance music label, No. 19 Music, Boyd and Presnick stars have ascended. They released a single earlier this year, “Shaking the Sky/No Pushers,” won a lot of attention among the international press. 

Following that up, Tone of Arc just put out a cover of Q Lazzarus’ 1988 hit, “Goodbye Horses,” which you can hear during The Silence of the LambsBoyd’s production stays close to the original composition, and in fact it still retains a decidedly 80s feel. But I think that this version has more of a sinuous, seductive feel. Even murder can be sexy, eh?