Multi-instrumentalist and producer Julie Campbell writes, records and performs under the moniker of LoneLady, and her forthcoming sophomore effort Hinterland reportedly continues Campbell’s fascination with post-industrial ruin. “Bunkerpop,” the latest single off Hinterland conjures a variety of things including – 80s New Wave, thanks to its simple yet propulsive drum programming and angular guitar; 80s pop, thanks to Campbell’s earnest and ethereal vocals, which remind me quite a bit of a young Kate Bush; krautrock and early techno because of its propulsive motorik groove and burst of synths. In fact, when I heard the song I immediate thought “wasn’t this released in 1983?” And then I thought “why didn’t Prince release this in 1983?" 

What I love about the song is its effortless genre mashing and subtle sensuality paired with infectiously danceable hooks.