Multi-instrumentalist Stephen Bradley has spent the better part of close to 20 years recording and touring as a member of No Doubt, contributing horns, keyboards and backing vocals. After many years, Bradley is finally set to release his solo effort, RUNAWAYS. And of course with RUNAWAYS, Bradley plays every instrument to craft a rather unique and cinematic sound that possesses elements of R&B, pop, jazz and electronica. Interestingly, EP title track and first single “Runaways” sounds – to my ears, at least – as though it were meshing contemporary, minimalist, electronic pop with the big, bombastic and crowd rousing pop of someone like Seal; in fact, Bradley’s voice manages to bear an uncanny resemblance to Seal at points. And yet, the song possesses a breezy, summery feel – it floats and darts about like a summer breeze rustling the leaves.