Named after their frontman, Orville Bateman Neely III, the OBN IIIs have won quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere as Neely has been described as a sort of punk rock Elvis in front of a band that burns and rips through melodic power-chord heavy garage rock. Regardless of how you describe it, “No Time For The Blues,” the first single off the band’s third album Third Time To Harm is straightforward, balls-to-the-wall, primal rock ‘n’ roll — or rock with the sense of sleaze and danger that it should always have. And although the band’s sound has been compared to the likes of the Stooges, which is understandable, I have to admit that I also hear Highway to Hell and Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap-era AC/DC as it has a bluesy yet swaggering sound.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the OBN III’s have toured with label mates Ex-Cult; after all both bands have a sound that’s similar in the fact that they’re punishing assaults of sounds but with some differences. Whereas Ex-Cult is a desperate, anxious, fucked up, roar of nightmarish frustration and boredom, OBN III’s are the sweaty exploits right before things seem to take a dreadful turn for the worst. 

The official video for “No Time For The Blues” is a creepy, Halloween-inspired video full of blood and fucked up rituals, skulls and a helluva lot of beer swigging – because rock ‘n’ roll.