New Audio: Baltimore’s Native Sunz Releases an Atmospheric and Menacing New Single



Native Sunz is a Baltimore-based production, engineering, licensing and sonic branding agency featuring Frank “R.E.I.G.N.” Reed (songwriting, production, engineering and graphic design), STIXX (production), Lipp J. Allen (writer/artist) Jimmy “Jimmy Proton” a.k.a. “Astronomix” Cardo (writer, artist). The Charm City-based collective sources suitable tracks for a wide variety of contexts including film, television, advertising campaigns, websites and more. And although they work with a select group of composers and songwriters to create a unique catalog of cutting edge, contemporary material, their work features a strong and decided focus on hip-hop.

Developing a hypnotic take on hip-hop, the Baltimore-based act have begun to receive attention outside of their hometown with the release of the Frank Reed-penned “Ride For You,” which has received video play on over 70 different outlets regionally, including Las Vegas‘ The Pulse Network, Rochester, NY‘s Video Hits — and The Bowling Network has aired the video at their 500 alleys across North America. They’ve also had their work played in rotation at MGM Grand Hotels and Casinos, Four Seasons’ Hotels and Resorts, and Caesar Palace’s Hotels and Casinos. And adding to a growing profile both regionally and nationally, the band opened for the legendary, blastmaster KRS One at Baltimore’s Ram’s Head Live back in 2016.

The act’s latest single “Midnight Marauders” is full of sinister atmospherics: thumping beats, explosive hi-hats, shimmering guitars, fluttering percussion and brief bursts of distorted and ethereal vocals — and while continuing a run of hypnotic material, the track manages to bring J. Dilla and The RZA to mind.