New Audio: Copenhagen’s Luster Shares an Anthemic New Bop

Jacob Haujberg is a Copenhagen-based multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter, known for his work with Palace Winter and Sleep Party People. Haujberg is also the creative mastermind behind the rising recording project Luster.

Haujberg’s Luster debut, 2020’s Turbulence was very much the sound of a band in the room, recording live and on the floor. But his recently released sophomore Luster album, PRESSURE, reportedly sees Haujberg crafting an eclectic, proggy yet accessible, and playful collection of songs that are simultaneously entertaining and moving. Thematically, PRESSURE looks outward and focuses on distorted communication and connection in a largely digital world — while considering pressure as a state that’s both personal and universal.

PRESSURE‘S latest single, the breakneck “BURN ALL BRIDGES” is a decidedly 80s synth pop inspired bop centered around relentless and metronomic four-on-the-floor, twinkling keys, squiggling synth bursts, Haujberg’s plaintive vocals and an enormous, rousingly anthemic hook. Seemingly drawn from Huey Lewis & The News, The B-52’s., David Bowie and even The Pointer Sisters, “BURN ALL BRIDGES” manages to feel carefully crafted yet earnest and immediate.

Haujberg explains that “BURN ALL BRIDGES” is a commentary on online communication and is a natural extension of PRESSURE‘s overarching theme. “If you press the world’s button it’s likely to push all of yours,” the Danish singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist says.