New Audio: Crooked Bangs Returns with a Furious and Primal Punk-Inspired Song

II, the soon-to-be released sophomore effort from  Austin, TX-based punk trio Crooked Bangs is slated for an April 21, 2017 release through Nervous Intent Records, and reportedly the album and its material are the result of a protracted period of songwriting and recording in which, the initial sessions were scrapped in favor of a much more raw and immediate sound. And unsurprisingly, the album’s preceding single “Rabbit Hole” managed to capture the band playing with the taut, brooding fury of adult angst of someone who has begun to live a life, complete with the recognition that almost everything and everyone around you is surrounded in layers of revolting, hypocritical bullshit, along with the sensation that the rug has suddenly been pulled out from under you, and the realization that life can often be brutally ironic, embittering and unfair, suggesting that there are no easy answers and no easy solutions.

II‘s latest single “No Future” features lyrics in French and English within a frenetic and forceful track consisting of blistering guitar work and a driving rhythm section. and while drawing from early Joy Division, this particular song leans heavily towards furious, hardcore punk. As a result, the song possesses a feral and primal urgency.

The Austin, TX-based punk trio will be touring to build up some buzz for II across the Midwest, Southwest and West Coast. Check out the tour dates below.


Tour dates:

4/27 @ Album Release show at Beerland, Austin, Texas
5/18 @ Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas
5/20 @ El Paso, TX @ Monarch
5/21 @ Phoenix, AZ @ The Lunchbox
5/23 @ Los Angeles, CA @ TBA
5/24 @ Los Angeles, CA @ Star Bar
5/25 @ Oakland, CA @ Octopus Literary Salon
5/26 @ San Francisco, CA @ The Hemlock
5/28 @ Seattle, WA @ TBA
5/29 @ Portland, OR @ Black Water
5/31 @ Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records
6/1 @ Denver, CO @ TBA
6/2 @ Kansas City, MO @ Blind Tiger
6/3 @ St. Louis, MO @ TBA
6/4 @ Oklahoma City, OK @ TBA