New Audio: Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio Share a Trippy, Dance Floor Friendly Bop

Led by creative mastermind and founder Dave Aju, the Los Angeles-based outfit, Dave Aju & The Invisible Art Trio will be releasing their forthcoming fifth album Glossolalia February 23, 2023 through Broken Clover Records.

Aju reassembled a notorious cast of collaborators and characters to write and record an album during the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the strangest and most uncertain periods in contemporary memory. While most of human life was in the cycle of shutdowns and reopening, Aju and his collaborators went to work in the Atwater Village, Los Angeles-based G-Son Studios, where Beastie Boys recorded Check Your Head and Hello Nasty.

The seven-song album continues Aju’s long-held reputation for boldly stringing together a myriad of musical styles and influences together in such a fashion that easy categorization and comparison, as well as attempting genre references feels futile, if not impossible. However, throughout the album’s seven songs, there are clear, visceral expressions of political provocation, hope, anger, fear and joy over twisted, dance floor friendly grooves in a lockdown era where Aju’s imaginary collective dance floor fills in the temporary absence and songs sung in complete gibberish feel almost normal.

Equal parts timely anti-establishment and uplifting call-to-action, Glossolalia reportedly serves as a decidedly coarse yet crucial reminder of the possibilities in collaborative and devoted noise-making, ass-shaking and alternative world-building during global disarray that’s beyond stylistic, nationalistic and linguistic barriers and diving lines. The album forces the listener to just focus on when the music truly delivers, how we physically respond — especially together.

Glossolalia‘s latest single “Aquamarine Dream,” feat. The Rennix Sisters is centered around a sinuous, dance floor friendly groove, tweeter and woofer rattling thump, twinkling keys, DFA Records amounts of cowbell, group laughter and gibberish lyrics, the genre-defying bop is rooted in elements of Latin music, electro funk, electro pop and world music thrown into a blender and mixed into a puree of sorts. The end result is a dance floor friendly jam that sounds beamed straight from the world of The Sims or from the 28th Century.