New Audio: Edgar Everyone Shares a Trippy and Funky Bop

Jules de Gasperis is a French-American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who started his career behind the scenes working with the likes of Ratatat and KUNZITE‘s Mike Stroud and Low Hum. de Gasperis’ project Edgar Everyone sees the French-American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer stepping out into the spotlight as a solo artist — with a unique sound, approach and style that he developed through his work as a producer.

de Gasperis sees Edgar Everyone as a project that will allow him to fully explore himself as a musician and as a human His latest single “Suddenly You Move” is a seemingly Tame Impala-like bit of psychedelia centered around squiggly synth arpeggios, a relentless and funky, motorik-like groove paired with de Gasperis’ yearning vocal and some remarkably well-placed, razor sharp hooks. Interestingly, the song is split into two distinct parts: A brooding and slow-burning introduction, which conveys both a sensation of being lost and yearning for something — and not quite knowing how to get it. The song builds up to a euphoric climax, which conveys that the song’s narrator has found what he has been seeking for so long.

The song was inspired by the Californian mountains, where de Gaspertis retreated to escape city life. In his adventure, the French-American singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer shares that he was able to “face [his] own loneliness, and the deepest parts of [himself],” thus evoking the lyrics “The desert’s becoming a friendly place / My dreams are mine and everyone’s.

With “Suddenly You Move,” de Gaspertis “wanted to design a track that would have two very distinct parts,” those being a semi-chaotic and clouded verse to illustrate a sort of “mental maze” he finds himself in, accompanied by a transcendent chorus that brings immediate relief to the disarray conveyed prior. “While in the mountains, I was oscillating between moments of hard solitude, and extreme bliss with gaining clarity about my life’s path – it all made sense to translate it into a song.”