New Audio: Emerging Nigerian-born, Brooklyn-based Artist Travisslut Shares a Swaggering Banger

Travisslut is an emerging Lagos, Nigeria-born, Brooklyn-based emcee. Relocating to Brooklyn when he was 19, the Nigerian-born artist is on a quest to make spectacular and authentic rap music with thought-provoking lyrics rooted in lived-in experience and feelings paired with irresistible melodies that music lovers and hip-hop heads around the world will love.

The young, emerging emcee recently released his debut EP, the two-song Babyface. The EP’s title is derived from the fact that his friends relentlessly tease him for having a babyface-like appearance. Hey, why not take the piss out of it, right?

Babyface EP single “China” is a swaggering banger that pairs a woozy, trap meets J. Dilla-like production with the young emcee’s dexterous and densely worded lyrics. At its core, the song sees the Nigerian-born artist putting fakes and phonies in their place with a remarkable self-assuredness.