New Audio: Emmrose Shares a Cinematic and Politically Charged Single

 Emma Torrison is a 18 year-old singer/songwriter, pop artist and creative mastermind behind the rising solo recording project Emmrose. Torrison can trace the origins of her professional music career to when she wrote her first song in math class about four years ago. 

Since then, Torrison has gone on to release 13 singles. along with a her critically applauded debut EP Hopeless Romantics, all of which have helped her establish a sound and approach that has been described by some as a mesh between Adele and Florence and the Machine and a bit of classic, minimalist pop and progressive pop. 

Currently, the young and rising pop artist is attending college here in NYC while working on material for her sophomore EP — and she’s working a small collection of t-shirts, bags and clothing with a team of young fashion design students. 

Earlier this week, I wrote about “Run,” a hook-driven and accessible pop banger centered around an encouraging and anthemic message of empowerment to those, who desperately need to leave a toxic, dysfunctional and abusive relationship.

Torrison’s latest single is the cinematic and politically charged “Brave New World.” Centered around a gorgeous arrangement featuring strummed acoustic guitar, twinkling keys, dramatic drum patterns, atmospheric synths and the self-assured young artist’s pop belter vocals, “Brave New World” is an earnest, enormous yet deliberately crafted song that to my ears, brings Dido and Sting‘s “Russians” to mind. `

Written and recorded last year as a response to the current state of the our embattled world of disinformation, conspiracy theories and war, “Brave New World” loosely draws from some of the themes of Torrison’s favorite novels, George Orwell’s 1984, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and the famous line from Shakespeare’s The Tempest “O brave new world, that has such people in it!” And perhaps unsurprisingly, the song is heavily influenced by Torrison’s own experience: when she wrote the song, Biden was elected president — during a massive disinformation war. She couldn’t avoid hearing conspiracy theories influenced by politically-motivated groups from her friends, across social media and even on the news.

Sometimes, friendship breakups can be even harder than relationship breakups. “The Feelings Mutual” tells about a toxic relationship from which Emmrose was able to pull out. In a pop ballad style, the New York City based artist shows how mature she’s become. The track resonates with her generation while helping her proudly finding closure for a very painful time in her life. The young artist is not done showing us what she is capable of!