New Audio: Fairchild Returns with a Shimmering and Anthemic, Dance Floor-Friendly New Single


Comprised of Gold Coast Australia-born, Manchester, UK-based siblings Adam Lyons (vocals) and Nathan Lyons (keys), along with Patrick Huerto (guitar), Tommy Davis (bass), the now British-based band have developed a growing international profile for a hook-laden, 80s synth pop/New Wave-inspired sound, as you would hear on “Breathless,” a single that’s reminiscent of  The Fixx’s “Saved by Zero.” The sextet’s latest single “Relevance” will further cement the band’s reputation for pairing an incredibly anthemic hook with shimmering synths, a sinuous bass line, and Adam Lyons’ plaintive and earnest vocals — and much like “Breathless,” the single reveals a band that’s been writing some of the most self-assured and sexiest material of their careers to date — all while focusing thematically on a relationship that’s on uneasy footing and the uncertainty that it brings into one’s life while suggesting that sometimes one has to slow down and let things just happen at their own pace. And they do in a dance-floor friendly fashion.