New Audio: Gotts Street Park Teams Up with Rosie Lowe on Slow-Burning and Vibey “Summer Breeze”

With a handful of singles, rising, British neo-soul and hip-hop outfit Gotts Street Park— Josh Crocker (bass, production), Tom Henry (keys) and Joe Harris (guitar) — quickly amassed fans and acclaim while working with Rejje SnowKali UchisCosimaYellow Days, Chester WatsonCelesteRosie Lowe, and a growing list of others. 

Last year’s Diego EP, which featured a collection of compositions informed by the raw energy of being together and creating in the same room, served as a further introduction to the rising British trio. 

Earlier this year, the British trio released ““Lost & Found,” a slow-burning and vibey bit of neo-soul featuring Charlotte Dos Santos’ self-assured and soulful vocal delivery, shimmering and reverb-drenched Rhodes and synths paired with a two-step inducing groove.

“’Lost & Found’ is a song about falling in love and not being able to forget about a person. It’s about being in all shades of love,” Dos Santos explains in press notes. 

Interestingly, the single, which was recorded between Leeds and New York, where Dos Santos was based at the time, can trace its origins back to when the Norwegian-born and currently Berlin-based singer/songwriter and the rising British outfit worked together on her most recent album. 

“​​The instrumental track was from a batch of jams that were recorded during lockdown,” Gotts Street Park’s Josh Crocker explains. “Charlotte heard the instrumental whilst some of us were working with her on her record last year, we’d been looking for a way to collaborate and this one jumped out as being really well-suited to her.”

Fans of the band will remember that the rising soul outfit collaborated with Rosie Lowe on “Everything.” Gotts Street Park’s latest single “Summer Breeze,” sees the rising soul outfit continuing their ongoing collaboration with Lowe. Pairing a slow-burning and vibey, Quiet Storm-like groove with Lowe’s ethereal yet expressive vocal, “Summer Breeze” is rooted in a simple yet powerful mantra: that it’s narrator – and in turn, the listener — deserves the best and should never settle for anyone or anything that makes them feel less than amazing.

‘Summer Breeze’ is an ode to anyone stuck in a toxic relationship. I wrote the chorus as a mantra, a reminder not to settle for anything less than someone who makes you feel amazing,” Lowe explains.  

“The instrumental for ‘Summer Breeze’ is basically us hanging out in the studio and jamming – you can hear us chatting and laughing in the background,” the rising soul outfit adds. “Sometimes you can lose the essence of a song when you decide to tidy it up and re-record it, so we just kept it for what it is. Collaborating with Rosie is an absolute no brainer for us, she’s super talented and creative and there was instant chemistry on this tune.”