New Audio: Healing Ava Shares Politically Charged Headbanger

Bergen County, NJ-born artist Lawrence Allota is a grizzled NYC Metropolitan Area-New Jersey Area scene vet: He played in a number of bands that played across both states throughout the 1980s and 1990s, including a stint with Specific Ocean during the writing, recording and promotion of their album Vinyl and Styrofoam before the band split up in 1991. Allota has continued onward, stepping out into the spotlight as a solo artist with his recording project Healing Ava.

“The thrill of writing and recording cannot be extinguished,” Allota says in press notes. “Expect me to be around for a while.”

Released earlier this year , the headbanging “Warrior” is built around thunderous drumming, enormous power chord-driven riffage paired with arena rock bombast and Allotta’s snarled delivery. While sonically bringing to mind Gilby Clarke‘s “Cure Me or Kill Me,” “Warrior” sees Allotta speaking about his frustration over the violence and hatred present in the world around us.

“Warrior,” as Alotta explains was recorded several years ago but was never released. “This track is so edgy and harsh in a way” the Bergen County-born artist says. “I think I had felt somewhat uncomfortable with it and it went into the archives.” But recently, he went through his archived recordings and came across the song. With the recent — and seemingly unceasing — spate of mass shootings, political unrest, racial divides, the Ukrainian war and more, he decided to release it, with the hope that it might resonate with some one. “I really wish I could just end the hatred and violence,” Allota says.