New Audio: Indigenous Canadian Trio Double Rider Share a Sweet and Old-Timey Love Song

Siksika Nation, Alberta, Canada-based trio Double Rider (formerly Third Generation) — Hannah and Lennon Owlchild and Erin Many Heads — grew up in a rather musical home: their late grandfather Matthew Many Heads was a singer/songwriter.

The trio started the band back in 2014. And in their first year or so as a band, they quickly established a sound that draws simultaneously from classic and modern rock. Although, they do write their own material, they have also taken some of their late grandfather’s songs and recorded them in a new light with a modern context, as a loving tribute both to their grandfather and to their people. “Our grandfather gave us his songs and his music as gifts,” the members of Double Rider say in press notes.  “These gifts are full of stories and speak about love and loss; the history of our people and the present day.” The band adds “It’s real and speaks to historical trauma to native people; but emphasizes the solidarity and power that Blackfoot people have, has, and will continue to have.”

Within the band’s first few years, they started playing local festivals across Southern Alberta, as well as some of the province’s most notable venues including Banff‘s Rose and Crown and Calgary’s Ship and Anchor. And they’ve frequently played at Siksika Nation’s Annual Run as One Festival.

In early 2020, the Canadian trio went on their first tour, The First Nations Music Tour, alongside a collection of notable Indigenous artists. Although the pandemic forced them, like countless other bands to pause some of their plans and hopes, they were able to record and release their self-titled debut EP earlier this year, which features songs written by their grandfather.

The self-titled EP’s latest single is the folky rocker “Walk With Me.” Prominently featuring some shimmering Harvest-era Neil Young and The Byrds-like acoustic guitar paired with a strutting bass line, a simple yet propulsive backbeat and plaintive vocals, the song is a sweet, old-fashioned love song about finding that special someone, reminiscing about those early moments with them — and knowing that they’d be there with you through life’s most difficult and trying times.

Double Rider plans to continue to honour their grandfather’s legacy by recording more of his songs and also has a few originals for a full-length LP to be worked on later this summer.