New Audio: Introducing London’s We Are Z, and Their Anthemic, New Single “Knucklehead”

Comprised of Marc “Archie” Arciero (bass, keyboards), Gabriel Cazes (vocals, keyboards and drums) and Clement Leguidcoq (keyboards, percussion and backing vocals), the London-based trio We Are Z formed in 2012, and since their formation they’ve developed a reputation for crafting a an anthemic. post-punk/dance-punk sound that channels Kasabian and early U2 — in other words, as you’ll hear on the band’s latest single “Knucklehead,” a sinuous bass line, angular stabs of guitar, a chant-heavy hook and forceful percussion.

And yet, ironically enough despite the anthemic feel of their material, lyrically speaking it covers dark territory — self-destruction, drug addiction and overdoses, plastic surgeries, which gives “Knucklehead” an ominous, post-apocalytpic yet seductive feel.