New Audio: Introducing the Brooding Shoegaze-Leaning Sound of Joseph Sant

Seattle, WA-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and musician Joseph Sant whose work is reportedly inspired and informed by his youth in the Pacific Northwest and the urban hustle and bustle of New York — in other words lush yet angular, dreamy yet forceful. Sant’s debut effort, Sea White Salt features his friends and collaborators Stirling Krusing on lap steel, Tyler Graham on drums and Georgia Tan on bass with production from Sant’s friend and long-time collaborator Gabriel Galvin, proprietor of Four Foot Studios.

According to Sant, Sea White Salt is thematically informed by climate change — the sort of climate change that has most recently reshaped much of the New York area’s coastline and rampant greed and development while exploring the connections between forces of nature, seemingly impassible social barriers, and the power of all-consuming love and dreams. Ironically, rampant greed and development directly impacted the artists during the recording of the album — they reportedly spent a few overnights recording the album before Four Foot Studios was about to be evicted. Certainly, as a New Yorker, the forces of gentrification and development rapidly changing one’s neighborhood is something that’s all too common . . .

“Nor’easter,” the album’s brooding first song consists of propulsive drumming and layers of shimmering guitars paired with Sant’s plaintive and ethereal vocals floating over the song’s arrangement in a way that nods to shoegaze — while evoking a slowly brewing storm over the horizon. And as a result the song possesses a tense, anxious beauty — as though just under the surface, something dangerous is about to happen.