New Audio: Introducing the Buoyant and Personal Pop of Up-and-Coming Artist Julietta

Julietta is an up-and-coming model, largely considered one of New York’s fashion-forward “It Girls” — but she’s also received attention as an up-and-coming pop artist. Slated for an August 8, 2019 her forthcoming album Smooth Sailing may arguably be the most personal and vulnerable material she’s ever written and put on wax, as the album finds her sharing stories of being an easily impressionable teenager, who got caught up in the allure of big city excess that eventually led to difficult struggles with her own mental health and addiction.  As the story goes, while struggling to get her sense of self, the up-and-coming pop artist discovered her voice through songwriting — partially as a coping mechanism and partially as cathartic release. Interestingly, the album’s latest single, album title track “Smooth Sailing” is a buoyant and summery pop confection centered around a breezy synth-led production, an infectious hook and Julietta’s self-assured cooing; but underneath that is a song that has a deeply personal meaning for the artist — and it’s relatable: that life is a constant quest for self-discovery and self-improvement, and that most important, that while there will always be hardships and heartbreak, that things usually find a way of working out one way or the other. Or as I once heard TV on the Radio‘s Tunde Adebimpe wisely say during a set, “Everything will turn out okay in the end. And if it isn’t okay; then it clearly isn’t the end yet.”