New Audio: Jackson Boone’s Psychedelic, New Single “Moonbeam” Channels 70s Pink Floyd

Produced by Riley Geare, who’s probably best known for his work with Unknown Mortal Orchestra and featuring some of the Portland, OR area’s most renowned musicians including bassist Randy Bemrose and violinist Patti King of Radiation City, Jackson Boone’s full-length debut Starlit was quietly released — and yet it established Boone as one of Portland’s up-and-coming songwriters. Almost immediately after the September 2014 release of Starlit, Boone and his backing quintet featuring members of Coma Serfs and Sinless, along with Bemrose and Geare went to Boone’s grandfather’s beach house and spent two weeks writing, recording and tracking the material that would wind up comprising Boone’s recently released sophomore effort, Natural Changes.

Natural Changes will reportedly continue Boone’s developing reputation for crating psychedelic-leaning material, and the album’s gorgeous, second single “Moonbeam” channels early 1970s Pink Floyd — in particular, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here and Animals, as the song’s structurally speaking is comprised of several different sections held together by a tight rhythm section and ethereal and swirling synth chords, which gives the song a subtle cosmic glow before it gently floats into the ether.

The band will be on tour to support the new album. Check out tour dates below.

Tour Dates

09.09.15 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
09.10.15 – Boise, ID @ Neurolux
09.11.15 – Boulder, CO @ University of Colorado Boulder
09.12.15 – Denver, CO @ Rhinoceropolis
09.13.15 – Colorado Springs, CO @ The Triple Nickel
09.14.15 – Kansas City, KS @ The Union
09.15.15 – Des Moines, IA @ Vaudevillian Mews
09.16.15 – Minneapolis, MN @ Char Bar
09.17.15 – Milwaukee. WI @ Linnemans
09.18.15 – Chicago, IL @ Emporium
09.19.15 – Detroit, MI @ Elijah’s
09.22.15 – Memphis. TN @ Murphy’s
09.23.15 – Nashville, TN @ The Five Spot
09.24.15 – Oxford, MI @ The Blind Pig
09.25.15 – New Orleans, LA @ Hi Lo
09.26.15 – Austin, TX @ Ghost Cat Lounge
09.27.15 – Santa Fe, NM @ Art Space
09.30.15 – San Diego, CA @ Merrow

10.01.15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Gnarburger
10.01.15 – Los Angeles, CA @ Warehouse Show
10.02.15 – Oakland, CA @ Ellis Mile High Club
10.03.15 – Eugene, OR @ Black Forest
10.04.15 – Portland, OR @ Rontoms