New Audio: Knoxville’s Black Fuchsia Shares a Woozy Banger

Emerging Knoxville-based hip-hop duo Black Fuchsia formed during late 2020. And although the project is a relatively new project, the act is comprised of seasoned Knoxville music scene vets, who have worked together in various other projects over the years. Suffice to say, the members of Black Fuchsia have a rather unique musical chemistry, rooted in their shared history.

Influenced by their shared love of Griselda, Madlib, and A$AP Rocky, the duo specializes in in a sound that blends their influences, deep-cutting production, intricate songwriting, thought-provoking concepts and balanced energy levels.

The Knoxville-based duo’s four-track debut ep Cotton shows their willingness to explore sonic narration in a fusion of rap and ambient dance in a period where rap/hip-hop is constantly being reimagined and subcategorized.

Cotton‘s latest single “Nasty” features two emcees self-assuredly trading dexterous and densely worded bars delivered with unique flows over a lush and woozily psychedelic-leaning production featuring reverb-drenched wah wah pedaled guitar, skittering boom bap. Simply put, it’s the element of real hip hop: dope production and dope emcees spitting bars upon bars.