New Audio: Lilah Larson’s Politically Charged Ode to Friendship and Strength in Difficult Times

Last month, I wrote about singer/songwriter  Lilah Larson, who’s releasing her full-length solo debut Pentimento in early 2017. Although best known as a member of  Sons of an Illustrious Father, with whom she’s toured with since she was teenager, Larson’s full-length debut is reportedly comprised of intimate meditations on deeply conflicted and confusing love, relationships long since failed and their lingering ghosts of ache and regret, in which Larson accompanies her vocals with drums, guitar, and a 19th century pump organ. The album’s first single “tbh” was a bittersweet and ambivalent lament in which the song’s conflicted narrator misses and longs for a lover, who simultaneously makes her feel miserable and uncertain for herself. And as result the song manages to evoke a dysfunctional relationship in which there’s a maddening push and pull — and while being somewhat exciting, the narrator recognizes that the relationship will inevitably explode in her face.

“On Inertia,” Pentimento‘s third and latest single is a quiet and thoughtful ballad that focuses on surviving as best as you can through life’s hardest times and leaning on one’s dearest loved ones — and in turn, being thankful for the simple miracle of friendship and love. While written some time ago, “On Inertia” captures the sense of the difficult times many of our dearest friends and loved ones may soon face, with the grim and sobering acknowledgment that we’re going to have to gather strength and love from one another because that’s all we may have left.