New Audio: Montreal’s Alex Elliot Releases an Introspective, Mosh Pit Friendly Single

Montreal-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Alex Elliot’s full-length debut Tommy! thematically explored its titular main character’s misguided nature and his relationship with himself. Yellow Fog, Tommy!‘s follow-up was released earlier this month, and the album continues the story of Tommy — and while delving into his mind, the album thematically explores his relationships with others: “It’s all about how people can came in and out of your life,” Elliot explains in an email to me. “About how you build pieces of life iowan people coming in, staying for a while, and then leaving, before it all starts again and again. It’s not about love but more about friendship, and all kinds of human connections that help you build yourself but always end with bitterness.”

“We Are Reckless,” Yellow Fog‘s latest single is a decidedly 120 Minutes-era MTV alt- rock anthem, centered around fuzzy and distorted power chords, angular and propulsive bass lines and a thumping back beat, a rousingly anthemic hook, and Elliot’s disaffected yet somehow earnest delivery. But underneath the song’s mosh pit friendly air, the song feels desperate, uncertain and confused.

“‘We Are Reckless’ describes the beginning of this endless circle, when it’s all new, when you do feel reckless cause everything is still possible,” Elliot explains. “This song is about how it always begins. It is the naive track. The rest of the album drives the man to resignation.”