New Audio: Randy Bryan Teams Up with e. flamingo on a Deeply Personal Yet Uplifting Bop

Currently based in Richmond, VA, singer/songwriter Randy Bryan spent his formative years split between rural South Carolina and Southwestern Virginia’s Cumberland Mountains. Last year, Bryan found himself working in a local kitchen alongside producer, beatmaker and bassist e. flamingo — and the pair quickly started a musical partnership rooted in sonic exploration.

Bryan’s latest single “Here, Another Day” is a slick, seamless synthesis of Violator-era Depeche Mode-like synth pop and confessional singer/songwriter ballad centered around chiming and glistening synths, a sinuous bass line, handclaps and thumping beats paired with Bryan’s crooned vocals and a razor sharp hook. But underneath the effortless genre-blurring sound is a song built around deeply personal experience.

“In 2018, I wrote a song as I got sober . . . 6 months later, I started drinking again,” Bryan explains. Fast forward to 2022 and once again I got sober and reconnected with this song. This song feels like sobriety feels — fresh, new, and exciting. A song that blends 80’s and 90’s dance pop with progressive indie texture. A song that eyes the future while squarely acknowledging the past.”