New Audio: Rhythm Scholar’s 70s Jazz and Funk Reworking of Audio Two’s Classic “Top Billin'”

Although “Top Billin'” relegated Brooklyn-based duo Audio Two to one-hit wonder status, the song has managed to be one of hip-hop’s most beloved. most important, most sampled songs as a number of artists across both hip-hop and R&B have referenced the song in some fashion — including perhaps most famously, Mary J. Blige in “Real Love” among others.

Over the last few years, the prolific, New York-based, DJ, remixer, and producer Rhythm Scholar has become a JOVM mainstay for a series of remixes, which feature his signature  genre-mashing, psychedelic mashup sound. Recently, Rhythm Scholar remixed the hip-hop classic song with a series of samples including an extensive sample from Headhunters-era Herbie Hancock, The Edgar Winter Group, Billy Preston, Dr. John and several to replace most of the familiar drum machines of the original, creating an inventive reworking that’s breezy and funky — while retaining the spirit and feel of the original.