New Audio: Rising Belgian-born, French-based Tour-Maubourg Releases a Hypnotic, Deep House Banger

Tour-Maubourg is a rising Belgian-born, Parisian electronic music producer. The Belgian-born, Paris-based electronic music producer has released two singles — “Ode To Love” and “Saint thé á la Menthe” — off his soon-to-be released album Paradis Artificels. slated for a December 4, 2020 release through Pont Neuf Records.

“L’Invitation au Voyage,” Paradis Artificels‘ third and latest single is a hypnotic bit of deep house centered around tweeter and woofer rocking beats, rolling conga drum, shimmering synths and blasts of lyrical strings that nods at the French poet Baudelaire while being a sultry, club banger.