New Audio: St. Louis’ Concept Releases a Soulful and Conscious Plea for Empathy

Concept is a St. Louis-based singer/songwriter, emcee and lyrical storyteller, who tells stories through a hip hop and R&B — sometimes through a slick synthesis of the two. Thematically, his works focusers on pain, perseverance and pride while being based in his personal experience.

The St, Louis-based artist’s latest single “Butterflies” is centered around a warm and unfussy, neo-soul inspired production featuring twinkling Rhodes, stuttering boom-bap beats and a hook with heavily distorted vocals. Interestingly, the production is roomy enough for the emerging St. Louis-based artist to coolly unfurl his laid back and self-assured flow. Lyrically, the song finds Concept meditating on Black folks’ painful struggle for equality, our beauty, our hopes and our perseverance and pride. Much like Mos Def‘s “Umi Says,” “Butterflies” manages to be soulful and empathetic reminder of our humanity and decency.