New Audio: Sub Caesar Shares a Sultry, Club Friendly Banger

Sub Caesar is an emerging Dutch electronic music producer, who started to seriously pursue music as a career over the past year. And since then, he has released a handful of singles across the electronic dance music spectrum — from classic house, techno, house music, deep house and even commercial house.

Interestingly enough, Sub Caesar can trace much of the origins of his music career back to his childhood: His father was a professional musician in a symphony orchestra — and as a result, he heard a lot of classical music in his home. He also listened to a lot of disco and 80s pop; the first vinyl single he remembers purchasing was Kool & The Gang‘s “Celebration.” He went on to buy hundreds of cassette tapes. However, the Dutch producer will admit that his first musical love was progressive rock — in particular acts like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Electric Light Orchestra.

Sub Caesar’s first few releases saw him creating electro house/dance pop-inspired sound that seemed to reflect an old school musical upbringing. But lately, the emerging Dutch electronic producer had a desire to break old habits and old thinking, and to push his sound and creative process into new directions.

His latest single, the sultry “Do You Like Our Owl” derives its title from a scene in Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-film Blade Runner: Deckard (Harrison Ford) first meets Rachael (Sean Young) at Tyrell Corporation headquarters. An artificial owl is prominently featured in the lobby. Rachael asks Deckard “Do you like our owl?” That bit of dialogue is featured on VangelisBlade Runner score, a score that the Dutch electronic music producer says he “must have played a million times.”

Featuring glistening and oscillating synths, skittering beats, tweeter and woofer rocking thump paired with a chopped up vocal sample from Mariami, “Do You Like Your Owl” is a sultry yet dreamlike take on deep house that brings Octo Octa to mind.