New Audio: The 90s Alt-Rock Inspired Sounds of Alex Napping’s New Single


With the release of their 2014 full-length debut This Is Not A Bedroom, the Austin, TX-based indie rock quartet Alex Napping — comprised of Alex Cohen (vocals, guitar), Adrian Sebastian Haynes (guitar), Tomas Garcia-Olano (bass) and Andrew Stevens (drummer) — quickly developed a reputation for a guitar rock/guitar pop sound with album material that thematically focused on a nostalgia for a period of youthful self-discovery and early romantic stirrings — while simultaneously drawing from collective conversations about their own youth and its limitations. The band followed that up in 2016 with a pair of expressive singles “Trembles Part 1 and 2,” which drew from a short story Cohen, and captured the attention of NPR and BBC Radio 1, who both covered them during the band’s SXSW sets.


Mise En Place, the band’s forthcoming sophomore effort is salted for a May 5, 2017 release through Father/Daughter Records and the album reportedly will thematically focus on the uncertainties of adulthood with a personal desire to establish some sort of existential structure as the album’s narrative revolves around a formative relationship in which the narrator explores the conflicting roles as an individual and as part of a couple. And with the album’s second and latest single “You Got Me” manages to sound as though it draws from power chord-based 90s alt rock, complete with anthemic hooks and an ethereal melody; but the song manages to be moody and remarkably direct, as it evokes the inherent uncertainty, baggage and self-doubts that everyone has whenever they’re in a relatively new relationship. After all, the one thing we’re all certain of is that a romantic relationship is a frantic, desperate leap of faith that this time it’ll be different.