New Audio: The B-52s’ Cindy Wilson Releases a Synth-Based,Th Dance Floor Friendly and Adventurous Take On Her Signature Sound

Since The B-52s formation in Athens, GA back in 1977, much ink has been spilled on the band, its remaining founding members Fred Schneider (vocals), Kate Pierson (vocals, keyboards), Cindy Wilson (vocals, percussion) and Keith Strickland (drums, rhythm guitar and keyboards), as well as their unique aesthetic approach which pairs routinely the guy vs. gals call and response vocals with a sound that draws from New Wave, 60s rock, pop and dance music. Interestingly, the band’s Cindy Wilson has embarked on a solo recording career over the past few years, and her solo work manages to be an almost complete departure from the primary gig’s imitable sound; in fact, as you’ll hear on her latest single “Ballistic,” off her recently released solo EP Supernatural her sound manages to nod at much more contemporary sources — i.e., the anthemic and trippy electro pop of Gary Numan, Tame Impala, Air and punk pop, complete with pulsating synths.

Produced and engineered by PacificUV’s and Dream Boat‘s Sun Lyons and backed by a some of Athens’ finest contemporary musicians —  Easter Island‘s and Monahan’s Ryan Monahan; Ola Moon‘s and PacificUV’s Lemuel Hayes; powerkompany’s Marie Davon, Wilson’s latest EP, and in turn, the new single also manages to see the New Wave legend at her most adventurous, pushing her imitable sound into a new, modern territory without being a soulless and cheesy facsimile.