New Audio: The Chemistry Set Shares a Trippy and Anthemic Single

London-based psych out outfit The Chemistry Set was founded back in 1987. The original lineup — Ashley Wood (rhythm guitar, vocals), Paul Lake (guitar, vocals), Henry Taprell (bass) and Dave McLean (drums, vocals) with Neil Pond (harmonica and percussion) as a recording and touring member — featured members of several Manchester-area based psych rock bands.

Acid Tapes released an eponymous cassette of bedroom demos in 1988. They followed up that up with several flexi discs released between 1988 and 1990, which received attention internationally — including fanzines across the UK, Spain, Italy, Holland, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and here in the States. And some of their songs were included on compilation albums released in the UK, Spain and Germany.

The London-based psych outfit — now a duo featuring McLean and Lake — celebrate their 35th anniversary together with their 61st release, Pink Felt Trip, which is slated for a June release through Fruits de Mer. Pink Felt Trip will feature a cover of Mark Fry‘s “The Witch,” which they give a unique and mischievous twist.

The album also features a 10 minute trilogy titled “Self-Expression Trilogy.” The trilogy’s first song, the instrumental. “Cesar Manrique,” is a tribute to the Spanish surrealistic artist. The trilogy’s second and third part “Once Upon a Time” and “Liberation” thematically touch upon the subjects of freedom and self-expression.

Pink Felt Trip‘s latest single, “Paint Me a Dream” is a jangling and anthemic bit of Paisley Underground meets classic 60s era psych rock centered around anthemic hooks, some shimmering and glistening guitar work and gorgeous multipart harmonies. The song is a perfect example of excellent and seemingly effortless craftsmanship.