New Audio: The Myrrors Subtle and Ethereal Take on Psych Rock

If you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past year or so, you may have come across a post on Tucson, AZ-based psych rock quintet of The Myrrors. Comprised of Nik Rayne, Grant Beyschau, Cody Schwartz, Connor Gallaher and Miguel Urbina, the members of the Tucson-based psych rock quintet have a long-held reputation for crafting dark, mysterious and drone-based psych rock that sounds as though it draws from The Black Angels‘ Directions to See a Ghost and the Silber Records catalog — and with the release of the quintet’s sophomore effort Arena Negra, the band rose to national prominence.

However, the band’s forthcoming third, full-length effort Entranced Earth is reportedly a radical change of sonic direction and songwriting approach as the material is much more subtle and ethereal as the band uses arrangements based around six and twelve string guitars, harmonium, tables, alto sax and bulbul tarang. In fact, Entranced Earth’s first single (and album title track) “Entranced Earth” is an instrumental composition that will further cement the quintet’s reputation for trippy and psychedelic-leaning drone; however, the song’s arrangement is comprised of gently undulating guitar and bass chords, background saxophone and flute notes coming in and out of the ether and it’s all propelled forward by persistent and rolling drumming that seem to keep the song from floating away.